Room 11 Mugshots!

Room 11 Mugshots!


Monday, June 7, 2010

Art Reflection By Lee

Today at school I did my background for my wire sculpture. First i did yellow on the bottom for the sand Second I did blue for the sky then i blended them with white one of the colours i used was called bananacream this an example of a wire sculpture my one is going to look like that but more simple can you guess what it is before i tell you guess one first its a scorpion if you guess wrong thats ok and yeah thats what I did. 

art reflection by sitaleki

Art reflextion by Ksinga and Amelia

Our creepy crawly is butterflys.We choose that creepy crawly because it is so easy that we know hoe to controll that wires.we found shape quit hard because the pedals have to be the same on our b ackround.we have found ou

sitaleki's art refletion

Art planning reflection by tatyana

We have been doing art this term and our creepy crawly is a weta and its been very hard finding information
like trying out where do wetas live .I chose this insect because that was  my favourite one.We always have to worry about color,shape,

Art Planning Reflection by Mr Pareanga

I would like you to write a post reflecting on how your art planning has been going. Please think about and try to answer these questions (in full sentence answers).

What creepy crawly art are you creating? Why did you choose this creature? How have you found dealing with 'line, shape, colour and proportion' in your plan for your background? What problems have you experienced? How have you solved these problems (do not say I asked the teacher)? What have been your succeses? What will you do next?